Dalip Jaggi

Board Member


Dalip Jaggi has been recognized as an active, young entrepreneur filled with high energy, passion, and new ideas. Dalip kicked off his career as the principal and founder of Devise Interactive, a brand & digital agency with a unique flavor. This innovation shop was acquired in December 2018 and has helped entrepreneurs & companies with their early-stage concepts & innovations. Dalip now holds the Head of Business over at Vincit. Dalip is professionally driven by tech-centric solutions that are built for a purpose. He is the co-founder of EvaDrop, the world's first smart shower device and Fraxtion, an easy to deploy kiosk for brick-and-mortar shops.

He is personally designed to explore new experiences and has an interest in mastering new skills. Dalip's interest in philanthropy has lead him to be the co-founder of Forge54, a nonprofit organization and President of OC Tech Happy Hour. When he isn't posted in front of his computer focused on his ventures, Dalip loves to travel, play basketball, and recently has been learning the saxophone.